Black Brandywine Tomato

Brandywine Black Tomatoes are rich, juicy and fleshy with dusky purple tones. The flavor is complex, earthy and sweet with just a hint of spice in the aroma.

These medium sized fruits that may achieve up to 14 ounces in weight but are more normally 6 ounces. The tomatoes

Black Brandywine Tomatoes are an heirloom variety developed in the 1920’s by Dr. Harold E. Martin (1888-1959). A dentist turned plant breeder, Dr. Martin is best remembered today for his famous pole lima bean with huge seeds. He never released his Black Brandywine to a seed company, nor did he share it with many people. Black Brandywine was a controlled cross between Brandywine and the original brown Beefsteak tomato otherwise known as Fejee Improved.

  • Indeterminate
  • Days to maturity: 85
  • Fruit up to 16 oz

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