Goldenberries are known by many names including Peruvian ground cherries, physalis, Cape gooseberries, husk berries, Inca berries.

The Incas are believed to be the first people to cultivate this amazing fruit.

Considered a superfood, Goldenberries have been found to:

  • have potent anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • regulate the immune system
  • are high in vitamin C
  • are high in vitamon A (good for the eyes)
  • boost collagen
  • kill certain cancer cells
  • are dietary source of melatonin
  • reduce degenerative diseases associated with aging
  • are good for the digestion
  • can help lower cholesterol.

Goldenberries  are bright orange and are closely related to the tomatillo, so are part of the nightshade family. About the size of a marble, these fruits have a sweet-tart, tropical taste that is reminiscent of a blend of pineapple and mango with hints of strawberry and even caramel when very ripe.

Sweet Goldeberries are delicious right out of the husk, but they are also very good dried (like raisins), in salsa, pies & crumbles, muffins, and since they contain pectin, they make lovely jam.

When green they contain a toxic substance called solanine (same as green potatoes) and should not be eaten before they are fully ripe. When the fruit is ready to eat the husk turns straw color and the berries will fall to the ground, thus the name ground-cherries. Excessively high doses (usually associated with juicing) can be toxic.

Left in their husk they can last at room temperature for about a month.

This low maintenance tender perrenial is extremely vigorous and can easily grow up to 4 ft. wide, although it does not require trellising. Goldenberries also grow well in containers and are drought and heat tolerant.

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